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Growing in Christ without a Guide

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  • Need Advice: Growing in Christ without a Guide

    I live in a small town called Hartwell. Years ago my parents lived here when they we're dating and went to a small church. My parents eventually moved away 24 years ago and we lived most of it in a town about 30 minutes away from Atlanta. My father retired from the army missing his pension by 33 days, the army refusing to count the years he spent as a reservist. He got a another job as a building manager and had that for a few years. Eventually my father lost his job years ago and we started facing financial problems. God answered a prayer and helped us sell our house right before it was to be foreclosed on. We used the money to pay off bills, put our belongings in storage and to move some of it to my Grandmothers house in Hartwell where we currently live

    We have lived here for a year. We planned only on a few months, enough time for my Dad to (we had hoped) get a job in Columbia. We go to a small church the same church my parents went to all those years ago. This church has been very kind to us, even offering us the parsonage they have for us to live in. However, I feel no spiritual connection here. I feel as if I'm just going through the motions here. I have no true peers at this church. The closest peer group is full of 3 married couples the youngest person being 27 and having two kids.

    I want and need to grow in Christ. Yet I have no real place to learn and to share and to pray. This people see my parents as they were when they left here 24 years ago and expect them to jump right in. They see me as their daughter and not as my own person sometimes.

    I need advice. How can I grow in Christ without a mentor? Without a confidant whom I can lean on, who can offer me wisdom and take my hand as I pray on my knees for whatever guidance or help I need.

    To switch churches would be akin to stabbing this church in the back. They've given us money to pay for gas and medical supplies. They've done so much and we realize that as long as we live here we are chained to a church where we don't feel as if we are truly growing in Christ.

    I'm 20 years old and I have no peer group here. I have no mentor or guide. I need to grow, I want to become stronger in the Lord but I don't think I can do that here. Is there anything I can do to help me until God pulls a miracle for us?

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    The first question I want to arise is this: Where is your focus? is it just to find a place for you?

    The church is actually the people that are inside, and our focus should never be on where can I go or what can the church do for me. It should be on the community, on how you can serve, how we can enjoy other people believer or not. If you leave that building thats ok, Paul in most of his letters talks about the communities that he misses, but he knew that part of the mission was to leave everything for the Lord. To have a mentor you would want to be apart of the community, and in fact even though I can only reach you on email id gladly mentor you.


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      SnowAstor - Hi. There is a difference between a mentor and a friend. Is it a friend you are looking for?

      It would seem to me that a mentor could be one of the godly ladies of the church - although they are older than you are - and possibly wiser in the Lord (I don't know).

      Another possibility would be to take, or start, a Sunday School class - and you be the mentor to others. It sounds like you have some Bible knowledge. By the way, you will learn God's Word much faster when you become responsible to teach others. It will also prepare you for serving Christ in other ways as well - if He should will it.

      When I was about your age, I taught some Bible studies in the military - and it enabled me to grow fast. I had not taught prior to that time. By grace, there were also a number of servicemen saved, too.

      Something else you could do, would be to talk to the Pastor about some kind of activity. It would greatly encourage him to know someone is interested in learning more about the Bible and praying. It may give him a needed shot in the arm to hear you say that.

      If the beliefs of the church are such that there can be no growth - or a challenge to really serve God, then ask the Lord what you might do. Another church may be what you need. But then again, if you love God and think you can be an example there - and help the Pastor stir things up - you may be an answer to his prayers.

      If you cannot find a mentor - let God be your Mentor and learn much while sitting at the feet of Jesus in Bible study and prayer - as you continue to go to church. (Heb. 10:25).

      Hope this helps some - God Bless. I will pray for you now.


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        You do not need a mentor, but it helps, sometimes a lot, but I'd suggest getting into any youth group you could find, but be careful some are rarely ever really as much about learning the bible as much as they are about getting together to talk.