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    First I would like to thank all the Moderators for starting this sub-forum for 13-17 year olds.

    I hope that this sub-forum will be a blessing to all the posters and veiwers of it.

    For a topic for Discussion what do you think is the best way for a Christian Young Adult to be educated.
    Jesus died for me and you too!

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    Well, depends on the person. If you are looking at public education the school district we are in offers a couple different options. Mainstream high school, ALC where classes are more intensive but days are shorter, and we have a charter school and an arts centered high school as well.

    And, there is always home schooling with it's options as well, or a combination of the two.

    How is school going for you? Has the year started yet for you? What grade are you in?
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      I am homeschooled

      I am homeschooled and I love it.

      I spent 6 years at school and the longer I spent there the less I liked it. When it was almost time to move to high school I was not looking forward to it.

      My older sister was having a hard time at high school and I wasn't expecting my time to be much better.

      My parents suggested that we considered homeschooling and I could hardly believe what I was hearing, I was delighted.

      I am so glad I am homeschooled, it's hard at times but I am sure it's best and that I am being taught by someone who cares about me and my future.

      When people ask me if I miss my school friends I simply say I never had any.It's true I have few friends now but I know that the ones I have are ones which are true friends.
      Jesus died for me and you too!


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        I personally think (although it obviously depends on the situation) that it is best for young Christians to go to public education (Here in the UK it's mandatory) because that way we can witness to other people in school. If one of the people I know was homeschooled I might never have known God!
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          That is a good point you make Friend of Jesus but why can't children witness to other children outside school?

          How are your children educated threebig rocks?

          I am in the UK but I am Homeschooled and I know many other Homeschooling families. I am actually going to a Christian Homeschoolers holiday camp in Wales.

          For anyone interested in homeschooling this is a link to a UK Christian homeschoolers website.

          The Home Service
          Jesus died for me and you too!


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            I'm homeschooled too!!

            I'm homeschooled too!!( in the US though) In middle school I took a class at a Christian school so I could play on their sports teams and that was a neat experience. I've enjoyed the Christian education that I get but I always thought it would be neat to go to a public school and be challenged to shine God's light. But God has opened up other oppurtunitys to share His amazing love in the darkness.


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              I have worked with many homeschoolers, because a lot of Christian families homeschool their children in my area to keep them from being influenced by public schools children. I am not homeschooled but go to a public school. My mom got saved when she was about 20 or so, and my dad is a carnal Christian so to say. No real fruit. But anyways because of my situation I have to go to public school. Although at times I see myself being tempted by the things of which they do at public school, the witnessing and experience I have gotten by working with mostly people who don't believe is priceless. Day to day I have to work with them, and isn't that why we are here on earth still, to bring the gospel to those who do not know?
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                I was homeschooled for a while, and enjoyed it, but it's very difficult in this country, and my mum could have got in trouble. We don't have a car and we couldn't get to home ed meetings, and so on. So I went to a "christian" school where they told me not to bring my bible in! Then we moved to a new part of the country and the school is better, but I still don't like school that much. At least i don't hate every minute of it though like I used to. My favourite part of the day is still coming home though. Specially on Friday!


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                  All of you are so lucky... I go to a public school where fighting isn't something out of the ordinary. A couple weeks ago some kids got caught smoking in the bathroom...

                  Anyway, I think privates schools can offer a great academic and religious education. Homeschooling can also give you a quality education - religiously and academically. However, public schools give you experience in what the world is really like - sinful, ungodly, for the most part, although some people are Christians. So it's a toss up.

                  I can't wait for summer break! There's only one quarter (approx. 9.5 weeks of school) left of the year! And I'm starting algebra 2 this week!