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Getting to know each other.

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    Re: Getting to know each other.

    Questions of answered questions!!?? (or more like colloborations, configurations and questions of answered questions) (don't know what those two words mean exactly they just sounded like good words to use- so don't go by thier definitons, just the implications of thier sounds)
    Oooo, yes !! i love the "born in bethlehem song" i almost forgot about it until you mentioned it!
    now i've heard of O'charlies but i can't say i recall having gone there before. Asuka sounds indian, like it serves buffalo and elk? And logans is sounding Amish or like Dur Dutchman/Cracker Barrel type place?
    thats probably a good thing
    Usted hablo espanol?
    yo comprehende!
    snowballs are amazing!
    sounds interesante
    Navidad? now does that have a connection to Mexico being your favorite vacation spot?
    Vwell, more so the art of crayoning and chalking - youz do not have to be goot at it to enjoy ze art of crayoning and chalking! Juest draw ze house and some flowers!


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      Re: Getting to know each other.

      Haha, I like big words, and all of those resturants are American except asuka, its Chinese, it's like shogun if you ever heard of that.

      Si, comprendo. Tomo espanol en escuala. Tengo tomado espanol por dos anos.

      Yes, navidad, you know what I'm talking about
      Every temptation is of the devil, and every sin leads to death.


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        Re: Getting to know each other.

        I know, i'm just teasing you
        ahhhh,yo tengo espanol dos este anos
        i just went to an O'Charleys last night. It was delicous! And the only other time i was at one was after i got baptized, we had a celebrary meal there. But i was like six years old then.


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          Re: Getting to know each other.

          I'm reading three years too late HAHA
          Of course three years ago I wasn't even online.
          All the people who posted here are likely adults and have moved on. So I am probably talking to myself. Haha
          Love and chocolate,