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Hi, i want to move back to the US for help with my mom...but my mom does not.....

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  • Hi, i want to move back to the US for help with my mom...but my mom does not.....

    I posted here months ago.... basically im disabled blind in my right eye, Aspergers and never lived on my own. Im 50 years old. My mom and i (and my sister husband and thier daughter) moved to Cozumel Mexico 2009... 2015 my sister and her family had to move back because something happened with thier daughter which im not at liberty to disscuss, now thier daughter is sick with epilepsy and ehlers Donlos syndrome and ptsd..(my mom doesn’t believe and is angery with them for moving away) thers more but i just want to get this started because now my mom is getting up in age and has alot of things wrong with her, soon shell need assistance and its hard to get taht in Mexico i think my mom expects me to end up being her primary caregiver, even though im disabled... this frightens me very much. And when this covid thing happened... that seemed to seal my fate☹️ My mom has isolated people who wants to help. Thers still people who wants to help but my mom is not exactly the most friendliest person in the world... I CANT DO THIS!

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    I am praying that God help you and send help to you and give you peace and comfort. I understand this is making you very anxious. You are in my prayers.
    "'s your nickel"


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      Mom woke up with vertigo this morning. Had to help her or watch her down the stars. I'm taking care of mom now she's in bed, I gave her some electricalite...
      I've NEVER done anything like this before...i wasn't trained. And yet all this is happening as if I'm experienced in this. When quite the opposite is true. I wouldnt have to experience all this if we were in the states i would have home healthcare.... all we have is one friend who happens to be a nurse but mom doesn’t trust her sometimes. And sometime this friend says we shoukdnt go back to the states now not just because of covid but all the other stuff thays happening in the US... but what about THIS? She just we have to convince my mom she needs soneine to come in and help... but mom doesnt want that because she won’t trust anyone..
      so now im stuck and panicked and dont know what to do...


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        I just tried this app where i could talk to a live counselor. Christian too if i choose....which i did. BUT they charge you and i didnt know until I registered. My mom is my beneficiary and she knows when i spend money. We share a USAA account we share an Amazon account... I dont want this anymore! Shes getting worse. Mexico can not lack this much assistance compared to the US....with or without Covid! But our friend Heidi seems to have come to a conclusion that is it God’s will i stay with my mom until the time of her death as a if i were a legal minor...because ive never been independent because of my disability and if its Gods will i stay in Mexico i have to find a way to assist my mom as she grows older...
        but I CANT DO THAT! Im disabled. There needs to be home healthcare nurses. But mom doesnt trust anyone or get along with them if they dont do things perfectly. I cant live around that..


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          Is there someone i could talk to privately? Please... is there a way i can privately send you my email we can talk via email? Please i need some help from somewhere.... my mom is losing her grip on reason and no one is around to help. Jayne? You responded, maybe you could help? Ive really been praying but the situation is getting worse...


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            My original plan

            1 tell mom and Hiedi (a friend thats helping as much as can) while i am still in Cozumel that i do not want to live with family after her death but in a house by myself with assistance from family, friends and/or healthcare workers or a group home

            2 wait to move to Texas and settle there for 1 or 2 years when her health gets somewhat worse go to Human Resource Center and ask for assistance and tell them my situation. Possibly get emancipation.

            we just had a gang shooting here involving drug cartell in Cozumel, youd think that my mom would want out if here now... NOPE! Shes sticking to her own plan but not moving until the house sells, a hpuse that no one wants... and nobody cares to help...NOBODY! PLEASE can someone respond. I can NOT take care of my mother, im not equipped for that! And please dont say “God will equip you, its not like that you dont know my situation, i was never able to get a job, have a wife or even a girlfriend and live on my own..... PLEEEZE i can not do this!

            This was in process since 2016... still in Cozumel ☹️

            My mother ruined this for me!