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Please read this before posting any counsel to anyone.......

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  • IMPORTANT Please read this before posting any counsel to anyone.......

    Four Important Things:

    [1] This is a counseling forum, not a debate forum. Your posts MUST be directed to the original poster requesting counsel. If someone has given, in your opinion, unwise counsel - then contact the forum moderator, jayne. Do not engage in debate with others as this defeats the purpose of giving counsel. Any debates will be deleted.

    [2] If you need private counsel, please start a thread in the public counseling area, and leave a quick note that you would like some private counseling about a matter. Someone will move your thread to the Private Counseling section, and a minister will be called to assist you. The only people who can see threads in the private counseling forum are the counseling moderator, the counseling minister, and the member requesting private counsel. Your words in private cannot be seen by the public members.

    [3] As you know there are some people who post here with very serious problems and are seeking very serious Biblical solutions. Even the people who post here with not-so-life-threatening issues want some genuine Godly guidance in these issues that are serious to them.

    Therefore, we should pray before we post here. Also, any counsel given should line up with what the Bible teaches. Counsel can come from scripture or even be secular. There are some very valid secular helps that line up with what the Bible teaches.

    The point is - all counsel should be in harmony with what God teaches beit from His Word, from your own experience, or from a competent secular source. What cannot be accepted here, at a Christian site, is the following type of counsel:

    • counsel from the occult - witchcraft, mediums, ...etc.
    • counsel that is intentionally accusatory, judgmental, hurtful, or flippant (I'm not talking about having to point out the obvious to someone even if it hurts - that can be done in love. I'm talking about a non-loving response.)
    • secular counsel that is in opposition to the Word of God

    These posts will have to be deleted. We may not all agree on how a person should be counseled, but we can all agree that whatever counsel given must line up with scripture.

    [4.] Do NOT give armchair medical advise.
    It is very important that no one give a medical diagnosis to anyone here seeking counsel. That includes telling them that they ARE sick with a specific disorder and/or telling them that they AREN’T sick when they say that they are. Even if you are a physician, a diagnosis cannot be made over the internet to a perfect stranger. Just think: What if someone here who says that they have a mental illness STOPPED taking their meds because some “expert” on here told them that there is no such thing as mental illness. God forbid. People here need a shoulder to lean on, a place to vent frustrations,and a word of Biblical direction from others. All posts “diagnosing” people or “un-diagnosing” people will be immediately deleted with no apology.
    "'s your nickel"