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    Re: I知 a disaster

    Hello Bigchris.
    Do you forgive the people who have deeply hurt you? The reason I ask is, for a long time, I hated the people who abused me and my life was a mess. In short, I "believed in Jesus" without really believing in him.

    Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, ‘Here I am.’ Isa.58:9


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      Re: I知 a disaster

      Hi, Bigchris. Thank you for sharing your situation and I know you are receiving many prayers, besides the written suggestions mentioned here in this forum. I want to add my thoughts, too.

      When you stated 的 didn稚 get to faith with some emotional experience, I got there by what I saw as logical deduction, you sound as I did as I was learning about God and the Bible many decades ago. I was told that I should have the faith, then it will all come together. I came from a family with scientific backgrounds, so that was impossible for me. Fortunately, the Christian mentor I had understood my position, probably because he had dealt with academic types before. It was the logic of what I read and studied in the Bible that built my faith.

      Your daughter痴 attitude reminds me of my own when I was in my early twenties. I could argue against the Bible with most people and win, because I thought that I had scientific proof on my side. I知 sure that is why what your daughter says 都ounds correct to your intellect.

      If there is anything that might give you faith again, and give you logical scientific ammunition as a tool to open a dialogue with your daughter, is for you to read a book about the Bible written by a scientist. There are several on the market to choose from, but one that I really enjoyed, and which presented many logical answers against evolution theory, was The Genesis Record by Henry Morris. Dr. Morris was a modern Christian scientist and creationist.

      I pray that you make some 塗ead way into renewing your faith as well as planting a few seeds of biblical logic with your daughter. I do not believe that science is the enemy of faith, but that science and Christian doctrine can be accommodated together.
      The Outlaw Bible StudentStudies on the Fringe of Christianity


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        Re: I知 a disaster

        Hey Chris. I hope what I share will somehow be of help to you. I have been betrayed by my wife and son(step son). I cannot go into too much detail as I have not really faced this. It just hurts too much. But what this great pain did to me was cling to Jesus for survival. That for me was reading His Word and praying and finding peace in the midst of a great storm. I started investing my time and energy into getting to know people at work and began to care about them and wanting to share the Gospel with them without offending them. So I learned that by expressing my desire to share with them the greatest news of all time but not wanting to offend them. Then I will say something like...Can I share this with you? And I show them a Gospel track with only a few key verses on it. This tells of the love of Jesus for us. Only three people did not want to accept the track. Oh, okay. Thank you for being honest. (As I did not waste the Gospel track on someone who had no interest in such matters.) Even in my pain, my purpose remains the same...I must serve and worship the Lord Jesus Christ. I play Christian songs on my ukulele and sing. I sings songs of life and love. Happiness in this world is not my primary goal. It is okay for me to hurt inside because I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be happy beyond my wildest dreams. I Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. Hope this helps Chris. I will put you on my prayer list. I'm not that together all the time. I mess up but I have to get back up and Jesus is always there for me.


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          Re: I知 a disaster

          Hey big Chris,

          brother, God Loves you.

          is it easier to believe that there was an accidental explosion billions of years ago, that no one can explain what caused it, and then from that mysterious explosion the universe formed in perfect order , then water of course formed from nothing, and somehow organisms formed in the water, and then somehow some unknown " scientific fact" states that the single cell organism mutated and mutated and multiplied and mutated... Eventually becoming some form of a tadpole....then along the line again no design or anything , but somehow that tadpole eventually morphed into a from...on down the line kept mutating until eventually evolution this mysterious chaotic force......created intelligent minds that think, a heart that feels and experiences pain , joy, sadness, love...

          that's easier to believe than There is an almighty creator who designed everything perfectly for mankind just the right temperature, air quality, this crazy atmosphere that science states somehow just magically formed? Life is no coincidence. Science has good benefits, and also cooky theories which they agree to and then call it fact...when it's incredible that a man anywhere thinks they know how the universe formed and thier theory is well " it just accidentally happened" science is great , but it's also very vain to think because of rock formations.....we can determine how there is no God and everything just accidentally happened...

          those you love brother.....are they an accident? Or are they designed by God and worth more than a mutated bunch of cells who magically created life on accident? Next time you see the person you love most, feel the love in your heart and ask if an accidental explosion billions of years ago......explains your heart and how big of a place it is inside of a man. There's much more to life than physical, science says a lot of things calls them does Satan though. Like " sure go ahead and eat that's actually good for you"

          a lot of ideology to choose from in the world, heck we could start some new unheard of idea and some folks would believe it if we said its true enough......hold on brother, call out to him, ask him. And I think at times were all a mess, what helps me is to turn to the one who always cleans up my mess inside. God bless you bro, you should turn back to the lord , he's waiting there to forgive you and welcome you the prodigal.