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A man and his elephant

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  • A man and his elephant

    I heard this story and thought it was very good and want to share it with everyone here struggling with addictions.

    A man who owned an elephant was a circus performer. Everyday the man would train the elephant and every evening he would take the elephant into the barn and put on a big iron chain on the elephant's back leg. Every night the elephant struggled to break free but couldn't. One year later, the man decided to test the elephant. Instead of putting on that big iron chain he tied the elephant with a rope and stood back and watched. The elephant didn't budge nor moved and stayed where he was. Now the question is why? Why did the elephant not try to break free? It was because the elephant had been chained up for a year that it had become deeply ingrained into his mind. When he felt the rope it still felt like a chain instead.

    So...can the same be with us and our addictions? In Christ we are free and Christ won the victory and in Christ we are victorious. Maybe to us these addictions feel like chains but really they are like strings that we can easily snap off. Now this isn't to say it's easy for it requires to be single minded in Christ for one thing. Hope this helps!