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A Subtle Change in Perspective

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  • A Subtle Change in Perspective

    (I wrote this a few months ago, perhaps. The minister of a church I had attended a few times in the past -- and spoke to the minister cordially without incident -- accosted me while I was merely standing there minding my own business and saying nothing to anyone, grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the front steps of the church, and he and another man cornered me at the railing and were about to beat me up, but I escaped unscathed.)

    I was physically cast out of church today by the minister.

    Do not try to forget bad experiences. Say, "Yes, and look how God took care of me and helped me through them."

    For so long, I have asked God, "Please no more bad things," but now I can say, "Yes, and look how God carried me through those times! "
    For some context:


    Dear Mr. Dudley,

    Thank you for welcoming me today at Faith Baptist Church. I would be very happy to talk about God and Jesus Christ.

    Here is some of what I have written:


    The Spirit gives life. The body counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are Spirit, and they are Life. But there are some among you who do not believe, which is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father enables them to do so, and then I will raise them up during the Last Day.

    Dear Mr. Dudley,

    During the church service yesterday, the minister (tall, thin man with white hair) grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the front doors of the church. I escaped before he and the other man who cornered me by the railing of the front steps could assault me. I told the other adults standing there -- who did nothing to deter him from bullying me -- that I would never come back there. Your minister has done nothing but harshly judged and bullied me and tried to control me since he approached me for the first time in church weeks ago. He behaves as if he is a drug addict. Some people at Faith Baptist Church were welcoming to me, but I could see from the start that you are all under a curse and not blessed because you have chosen to be ruled by paranoia rather than to have faith in "God who holds in his hand your life and all your ways." I doubt you will be seeing me again, but as I have shared with you through my web site, you have Jesus Christ's words, and that is what matters to bring you to eternal life. Good luck, and I suggest that you obey Jesus Christ's two-word command: "Leave them." Your minister is a fear-controlled bully who just yesterday has shown that he still believes in threats and physical violence, even as he told me he used to be "a crime boss". Please do not let his criminal habits become your habits. I did nothing wrong, and I was gentle and honest and minding my own business and have only ever shown a desire to talk about God and praise Jesus Christ while I was at Faith Baptist Church, but apparently the minister there did not want me doing that, so I must leave you. Besides, it is obvious to me that I am not wanted; but is this a "house of prayer for all nations" or a cult-like gang led by a criminal? It clearly seems to be the latter, which means I entered the wrong building the past few times I thought I was going to church. There is no reason for me to repeat my mistake; I don't go to church to be beaten and verbally and physically assaulted, I go to church to praise God. If I can't do that at your clubhouse, I'll do that somewhere else. I did not intend to join a violent cult. God has carried me through this ordeal; and after attending many churches in my lifetime, this was the first time I have been "thrown out of the synagogue," as Jesus Christ described it. I suppose it is most suitable that the physical abuse was initiated by the church minister and that he was the one who "hated me without reason," apparently since the first time he saw me, which is suspiciously similar behavior to how the Pharisees and teachers of the law treated Jesus Christ. I'm sorry, but bullying tactics do not work in bringing people closer to God, and I can learn from The Lord of Heaven and Earth elsewhere. Jesus Christ is "gentle and humble in heart," and I thought that ministers were supposed to learn from him and believe in him; apparently, the minister of Faith Baptist Church hates Jesus Christ, and I do not want to be a part of that, so I must excuse myself and am sending you this message to inform you that I will no longer be able to see you or participate. As I leave, I kindly wish you and your fellow church members well. Please do not return my correspondence.

    Best Wishes and Kind Regards,
    You are in harsh situations, but God is with you.
    Jesus Christ always takes proper care of us, even when we cannot see him do it for us.
    Difficulties and hardships are one way that he shows us we should trust him to take care of us and not rely upon ourselves or others. God and Jesus Christ alone is Trustworthy.
    Dissatisfaction is one way God shows us that he is the one who does meaningful things in our lives.