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  • Looking for work-from-home opportunity

    in legitimite, home-based business. I have read about many ways of making money from home but nothing I could either afford, nor that I trusted those in charge. I would welcome personal messages regarding anything you may know of that does bring in some income. I need very little but have all day to work here at home. Outside of my "outdoor" chores I do on this property. I have a 2 year old excellent computer and wireless internet. I have a lot of background in administrative assistant, and most anything clerical. There are some things I do not feel led to do, it is just not where my talent lies.

    1. No looking for people to buy something(sales)
    2. No hunting for people to recruit in order to make me more money(mlm type)

    What I have thought about in the past was surveys but never found anything I felt secure with. Advetising if christian based advertisements. Assembling things at home would not be worth the effort and my hands have some problems from an injury. I am bordeline disabled. I can still type for a time during each day as you can see here.

    I have applied for 2 programs to see if I can get help with my disabilities but one never knows. I can still do so many things. But I need to work on my own schedule. Rest when I need to and do my work when I have the the most energy and least pain in my hands.

    I would appreciate any advice, input, direction from anyone successfully bringing in income per month. If I could bring in 5-600 I would be happy with that. My living expenses are minimal because of the work I do to pay off some of the rent here

    God bless all and pray to hear from someone
    Your sister in Christ, denise

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    What about a home business where you resell items on which most people normally pay exhorbitant prices, but you sell for half that and still make 2-300%?

    With what I'm thinking about, something used by 75% of households, you keep no stock, your orders are all processed online (either directly through your suppliers website or you can do it yourself if you want to retain control).

    If you're interested send me a PM and I'll tell you what the product is (obviously you don't want to encourage unnecessary competition!). I live in the UK and I've seen how royally we get ripped off on them, like so much else.

    It's a very benign sell, I told my brother and brother-in law where I get my "items" from, and they now both by through the same supplier - money talks. But I could have easily added 100% and still saved them more than 50%.

    If you're looking to make $500-$600 in Month 1, you probably won't do it this way. I'd say you'd make $100 in Month 1 tops, and then you'll see a substantial growth as word of mouth grows. You'd almost certainly exceed $600 if the price differences between wholesale and retail are the same there as here in the UK, but that wont' be until around Month 3 - and bear in mind, I haven't actually DONE any of this, so I'm just guessing - but if I could only work from home, then I'd certainly want to give this a go.

    Long story short, pm me if you want to know. You will have to find a supplier over there, but that shouldn't be too hard, time permitting I might be able to help you with that too.

    Either way, best of luck - always a pleasure to help out a fellow entrepreneur!!