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Do You Need Live-In Nanny / Caretaker / Houskeeper?

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  • Do You Need Live-In Nanny / Caretaker / Houskeeper?


    I have an acquaintance, who is looking for a live-in nanny an/or housekeeper job in USA.
    She is a strong Christian woman, and has a 6 year old daughter, that she wants to bring with her. She is willing to come to USA alone, then later get an apartment and bring her daughter.

    She ha the Green Card (permission to work), and driver license, she knows how to drive. Currently she works as the chief-editor for magazine in her home country, a small European country. She will be able to come to USA after the November, 2008 after her project in magazine are wrapped up. She already has notified her boss about possibly leaving after November.

    She is looking to provide a better life for her daughter then she can, while being a single mom, and willing to work hard.

    Her English is good in reading and understanding spoken English, but not fluent in speaking. But she will speak like a true Southerner in no time, or Northerner!

    Maybe you know someone who is looking for live in help. Please pass this email to your Christian friends who might need or know someone who is looking for nanny/housekeeper/caretaker. And pray for her.

    I am praying that God opens the doors for her to be able to come with her little girl, so she does not have to leave her. Sadly, many mothers in this Eastern European country have to find work abroad and leave their children, so they can make the living for their families.

    Please email me for her contact info, or if you have additional questions.

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    She will be in USA on January 16th., coming by herself.
    She does not have any jobs aligned yet, and if nothing becomes available, she will stay with her friends in Austin, until something becomes available.