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Christian Classified forum rules, please read before posting.

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  • Christian Classified forum rules, please read before posting.

    -"Christian events, happenings and stuff of general interest to fellow believers. New Home cell groups, outreach events, concerts, teaching and preaching events. Post them here."

    ---. Following is a basic breakdown of what is allowed and what is not permitted in this forum:


    - Information about church/concert events
    - Links to free resource sites
    - Links to your church web page
    - Want Ads, on a limited basis (as in, my church is looking for a Youth Pastor)
    - Classified-type ads, provided any business between members is done in private
    - Links to other message boards provided they are relevant to our membership and the content is not offered here. Example: a link to a Christian homeschooling message board is okay, a link to a Bible Chat board is not.
    - "I am giving away" notices.

    Not Permitted:

    - Solicitation for money that is not clearly for charity
    - Links to any sites based on profit/merchandising
    - General employment ads
    - Spam
    - Scams
    - Cross-posting. If you posted it once, don't post it again!!!

    Note: if you are looking to advertise your website or sell a product, click here, and help support this forum!

    If you are unsure as to whether or not your post is okay, please start a thread in the "Chat to Moderators" forum to ask before posting it.

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    Please pray for the 'Persecuted Church'.

    Bible Forums Vision: "To be a community of believers who are actively engaged in pursuing the truth of God as revealed in His Son Jesus Christ by way of studying the Scriptures diligently in order to discover this truth."