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Go to Sleep After Nightmare?

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  • Go to Sleep After Nightmare?

    If you had a nightmare and you wake up; do you stay up for a bit to shake it out of your mind?
    or risk going back to sleep asp to go back in to that dream?
    Would you go back to sleep if you had hour or 2 left of sleep time; if you was not tired?
    No Stay up for a bit then Sleep

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    Yes, I usually go back to sleep because I need my sleep. And I am never 'not tired' at night! I pray and trust God to remove the bad feelings from the nightmare. Sometimes I may be led to get up for a few minutes, in which I read from my Bible - usually Psalms. There I find encouragement, peace, and restoration of my faith that God is in control. I usually do not go 'back into that dream'. I do not want to!!!
    "Gripped in the Hand of God"


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      I usually stay up for a bit and read my bible.
      My memory is nearly gone;
      but I remember two things;
      That I am a great sinner, and
      that Christ is a great Saviour.
      John Newton (1725-1807)
      English minister and hymn writer


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        I just had one last night! When I get too hot I usually have bad dreams. Someone turned the heat up way too much!
        Anyway, I turned the tv on to hear sounds and then I fell back to sleep.
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          I sit up in bed, mentally recall as many details as richly as I possibly can. Then repeat over and over and over "remember to remember this dream in the morning".

          Once I wake up, I write down as many of the details as I can, then ponder what they could be telling me.


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            In the bad dream I had last night, there were these very large bugs which were in some manner poisonous, and had taken over the world. They were crawling all over the ground outside - like one of those plagues in Egypt. My wife and I were the only ones in the dream - not sure where our kids were, or the dogs for that matter, but our cat was with us - and we had contained ourselves in our bedroom, and brought a refrigerator upstairs to wait it out.

            We had to store water in our bathtub, not sure when it might stop. It was like one of those "Dawn of the Dead" type movies. Anyway I woke up, remembered what I had been dreaming about and went back to sleep, consciously adding the frig, I think, at that point. To be honest, don't know if the woman in the dream was originally my wife... but she was after I went back to sleep. I almost rolled over and asked my wife about the dream, as if she had been there, that's how real it felt.

            So what's the worse dream any of you have had? ...that you can remember, and it's OK if it doesn't make much sense.

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