I was hoping on the offchance that somebody might be able to give some advice?

I'm applying for the position of office administrator in my church, and have just received an email saying my interview is this Saturday, and I will need to give a 7 minute presentation on what the administrator can contribute towards the church reaching its vision. The vision basically says 'the church has an ongoing vision called 'Enlarging the Tent.' We believe God wants each one of us to:
Raise the risk level of leading people to Christ, rethink what it means to become fully devoted followers of Christ and release unprecedented levels of compassion.

This has specific elements that we are pursuing, praying for and investing in:
A growing and inclusive church
A church with mission at its heart
A church that is growing smaller
A church with new, attractive and efficient facilities'

I have never done any kind of presentation before and am not sure where I might start with this one - has anybody ever had to do something similar for their church who could give me some suggestions please?

God bless,