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Have Twin Toe?

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  • Have Twin Toe?

    Have you got a Twin Toe? Or Twin Finger?
    Twin Finger

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    ok not wanting to come off as stupid I need to know what is a twin toe or twin finger


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      Yeah I haven't a clue either.


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        A ridiculously mirror image digit? Yes... I broke my left foot several times, and thought all the toes were different from the right, until I broke my right foot. Now my left and right foot "pinkies" and "rings" look like reflections of each other.

        If that's a twin, I've got it.
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          LOL A twin toe for instance is your 3rd toe is a twin of your 2nd toe; they are the 100% same.

          Since some people have twin toes; iam asuming they some have twin finger.


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            Oh ok got ya LOL Answer is nope


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              I have seen people who's 2nd toe was longer than their big toe. Looks kinda weird. I have not seen a twin toe.
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                No twin toe for me.

                Originally posted by Midyrvette View Post
                I have seen people who's 2nd toe was longer than their big toe. Looks kinda weird. I have not seen a twin toe.
                I have a longer second toe. In middle school we all would say those with a longer toe were so smart they needed extra space to store their knowledge
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                  I think I got confused, I thought "twin" meant "extra" or two of the same. I was actually born with two thumbs on my right hand. When I was about 2yrs old the outer thumb was removed. To look at my hand now people wouldn't know unless it was pointed out to them. I have a slight lump on the side of my hand where the other thumb was and if I bang the side of my hand where the bone of the extra thumb was, then it hurts a lot. But my remaining thumb works normally. Apparently I'm very lucky because some who have extra thumbs removed don't have the full use of the remaining thumb.