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Tip Less if they fake?

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  • Tip Less if they fake?

    Do you tip as much as you would or less if the waiter is pretending to be nice and you can tell from that?
    What if they are not soo nice and polite do you tip less than you would?

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    I tip based on service alone.

    I don't care if the cook messes up, or if the lighting is bad, or anything else. If the waiter/waitress does a good job (or is trying to do a good job), they get moola.


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      No, I tip the same based upon my experience. I see nothing wrong with pretending to be nice. I would rather they pretend to be nice than they give me the experience of their real emotions. Sometimes I have to remind myself to show God's love even when I would rather be mean and nasty.
      The opposite is true as well. We had a waitress last weekend who was not so nice. So my friend and I were overly nice to her and by the ned of the evening she was very sweet. Another example of christian action.


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        I also tip based on service. If the person is friendly, at least TRIES to be friendly or even is having a horrible day and can't quite muster 'genuine' but goes for "pretend friendly", that's fine. I tip good waiters/waitresses, and I don't mind tipping extra for awesome service.

        I've had five years experience in customer service, and I know EXACTLY what it's like to have a rotten day and not WANT to be kind..... and I also know exactly what it's like to do your job correctly and ACT if you have to. If customer service is your job, and good customer service is expected of you, then that's what you give and it shouldn't be negotiable.

        If someone's downright rude, clearly isn't trying, provides next to no service or anything similar, I leave two pennies on the table with a message on a napkin every time: "here's my two cents worth. Please give your customers friendly, helpful service. Next time I come back, I look forward to the changes I hope you'll make." and I draw a face. (Note: I generally do this if someone's downright RUDE. If someone's overwhelmed and tired and just not quite "there" -- that's different. I have no real issue with being tired out after a day at work.)

        Sometimes someone starts off rather sullen or unfriendly/unhelpful... that's when I try and be friendly with them. See if I can draw them out a little, and engage them. Maybe they just need someone to be kind to THEM because the last guy yelled at them -- who knows. But if they decide to keep on going the way they're going.... well, hopefully, they decide to try a little harder the next day.
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          Maybe I am a softie but when it comes to tipping I always tip well--whether the waiter/waitress is having a 'bad day' or not.

          I work in a seniors' retirement home in the dietary department. I know what it is like to wait on a table in the dining room--you can get all kinds of personalities and the customer is "not always right", in my humble opinion.

          But be that as it may, one evening in a restaurant in downtown Toronto I had ordered a coffee after my meal. It tasted dreadful and I did not like it. I asked the waiter to bring me a pot of tea instead. The waiter smiled but I could sense that he was a wee bit disturbed by the fact I had rejected the coffee and needed him to make another trip for a pot of tea.

          When he set the tea infront of me I slightly leaned forward and quietly said that, "I work in a dining room, too. This is the part where you gently nod your head, smile...but in the fantasy of your mind you are kicking my rear end clear across the equator!"

          I wish I had had a camera with me. The glint in his eye and his smile was priceless!
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            If I can tell a waiter/waitress is trying their hardest, then I'll tip em well, regardless of my overall service. As long as they're putting effort into it, that's all I want.
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              I have worked in the food service industry and know how difficult it is to bear with impatient, demanding customers all day long. I don't mind at all when a waiter is busy and making some mistakes. I don't mind if they are trying hard to be nice when they really don't want to be.

              I think it is a good testimony to tip them well, even if they don't perform the way we would like. You never know what God may do through it. You may meet again and they just might remember you for that.