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    I just wanted to post this, share it with you all...
    Every year i write memorials for diffrent places and readers, and wanted to share one of them with you....

    I hope it doesnt offen anyone...


    Itís that day again. The day that, seven years ago, "started out as any other, and ended like none other." To quote someoneís speech this morning. Every year I write for different places and different readers about this day. In an attempt to rally our minds back to the hours and days on 9/11 and the follow weeks.
    Not only to remember the pain that our fellow humans and ourselves went through, the valley of the shadow of death, but also the love and hope that we gave out freely to our friends and neighbors and strangers on the street.
    Offering words of encouragement, offering our help, even our homes. We gave blood, because we knew there was a need. There still is a need!
    We need to come together. To reunite as we did in the tragic wake of Nine Eleven.
    We cared and we showed how much we cared. In the simple things we did. For family, for friends and for strangers alike.

    On Nine Eleven, seven years ago, we had memoryís burned into our mindís that will never be forgotten and canít be erased.
    Seeing the planes strike those tall, beautiful buildings, whether we were standing twenty feet from them or a hundred miles away, watching it on TV, I for one will never forget the astonished anguish that dropped my mouth open and made me stare in horror at the Television screen.
    I had been so sure, until a quarter second before the plane stuck the building, that it was going to fly by, not into the Trade Tower. But no, it wasnít so. The plane flew right in, taking many lives in the process. With many tragic lose of lives to soon follow.
    Though youthful, my mind knew something was terrible wrong with this. And the sudden astonishment on all the faces of the adults surrounding me confirmed my fears.
    Something very wrong had happened.
    Men were, in a simple act, murdering thousands of innocent lives, in hatred, in the name of their god.

    Do you remember the sickened feeling you had inside the very core of your being, when you saw all those "objects" falling from the sky, as humanís leapt from the Towers in desperation. Did you fall down on your knees and pray for their familyís and thank God over and over it wasnít you?
    Did you cry tears that night or nights following when you thought about the anguish someone somewhere was going through because of the cold heartedness of their loved oneís murderers?

    Did you thank God you were safe? And that your family was safe?
    Where you mourning the loss you couldnít deny, when someone you loved was named as a causality? Someone you knew.
    Perhaps just that morning, kissed goodbye, and watched them leave for work, love spilling over in your heart, only hours later to know their very life was in terrible danger.
    The loss was great, all of America and other countryís felt it. Felt it very deeply.

    But we stood back up. Pulled up by the boot straps, and flung the flag out to hang over the settling smoke and sent a hair raising message to the murdererís.
    We didnít stay on our knees for long. We didnít grovel like weak dogs. We sought help from above, we sought out each otherís help, we sought out a way to build our people back up, to build us back up and bring us together.
    Often, looking back over all the misery suffered by so many, and the hope offered by the more, I believe God allowed it to happen, with tears in His eyes, to jolt us! To show us how far weíve strayed. And we do stray every year. We need to pull together!
    To remind us every year, every day, that we NEED EACH OTHER! And we NEED HIM!

    If this message brings tears to your eyes, or a burning passion to your soul to be a friend a friend would like to have, and a patriotism for our God and our country of fellow human beings, then itís served itís purpose.
    If you hate me for reminding you of the pain of that day, all I can say is that those who care will always reply, WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

    As I sit here, doing the simple house hold chore of peeling potatoes for my familyís dinner, between thoughts and writing these words, I realize how very blessed I am to be sitting here doing just this!
    How very blessed I am to have family and friends around me to love and care about. In this country, free because of the brave.
    I do not live in fear of another attack, I wish to look forward, use caution, trust my fellow, and lend a hand for those in need. Of love. Of help. Of comfort. Of money. Of food. Of clothes. Of friends. Of anything.
    As this day draws to a close, please let us remember, we cared and we showed it, let us continue to care and to show our care. God bless us every one, be with us, with our country, and guide us, hold us in the palm of His loving hand, and teach us to be like Him. God be with you.