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Express yourself with Hands?

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  • Express yourself with Hands?

    Do you express yourself though conversation with your hands?

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    If you tie my hands up when I talk,,,, then my tongue does not go in gear..
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      Oh, yea!!! Even though I live in Texas now, I'm a born and raised, certified "coony" from Louisiana~~~~
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        Yup. I tend to. I'm a sign language interpreter. I express myself and others with my hands.
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          I 'talk' with my hands constantly. When my mouth's in motion, they are too. Sometimes I totally forget I'm moving my hands around.... and then my mom'll ask a question like "are you conducting the Philharmonic??"

          (And since I also know enough ASL to get by, that's definitely another way I express myself with my hands!)
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            I really don't all that often. Then again, I'm not a big talker either.
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              If I'm talking, my hands are moving. My hubby has actually grabbed my hands while we're talking to see what would happen--my feet start moving. I guess I have to move while I talk. LOL.
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                Sometimes, depends on what I'm talking about.


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                  Yes, and the funny thing is, my husband laughs because I talk with my hands even on the phone. I don't know why I do that, I guess it's just habit.


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                    Originally posted by lbeaty1981 View Post
                    I really don't all that often. Then again, I'm not a big talker either.
                    Your from Texas so if you moved your hands with your speech, it would look more like Tai Chi

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