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    So, I am new to the message board. But have a story that I would like to share. It is kind of long, but I do hope you take the time to read. It may just give you faith in your own situations.

    Let me start with this. I grew up in a very strong Christian household. My mom always had us going to church, I went to a Christian school, etc. When I was around 2 years old, somehow I got out of my crib and began crawling around the house at night. This could have been very bad because my room was on the 2nd floor which meant I could have gone down the stairs. I guess my dad had a dream that night that I was out of my crib and was about to go down the stairs. I guess it scared him so bad, he woke up, and there I was laying in the floor of his bedroom. When he looked up, he said he saw the largest man he had ever seen standing over me in white. I was in the floor asleep.

    This wasn't the only time we had seen this man. One night, my brother woke up from a bad dream, only to look in to the kitchen (the doorway of the kitchen was visible from his room). There was that man again. He stood as tall as the frame of the door, and was as wide as it as well. I guess it scared my brother pretty bad so he put the covers over his head. When he looked back, he was gone.

    Another time, I was having a very difficult time in college. One night,after I had cried myself to sleep, I woke up with my arms crossed on my chest, and it felt as though someone was holding me. It was a warm feeling like I was getting a hug from someone. I felt so comfortable, that I fell back to sleep without a thought. The next morning, I woke up with the strangest feeling like I wasn't alone. Later that day, my mom asked me if I was okay the night before. I told her what had happened. She said that is so wierd what time was it, and I told her. She said at that same time, she woke up and felt like she needed to check on me.

    Another time when my brother was in college, he stopped his truck at a red light. Crossing the street in front of him was a homeless man pushing a buggy. All of a sudden, the man's cart tipped over and all of his cans fell out. My brother hurried and got out of his car and helped the man load his cans back up. The man asked my brother if he could get a ride to the recycling station. My brother said yes and helped him load the buggy into the truck. When they got to the station, it was bustling with many people recycling and working, etc. My brother unloaded the man's buggy and shook his hand. As the man shook his hand, he said "Thanks Tim" (my brothers name). My brother got into his truck and looked around everywhere to see if his name was showing. It wasn't. He could find no where that the man could have found his name. My brother drove back to the station to ask the man how he knew his name, but there was no one at the station. It was completely desolate and all of the people were gone and the place looked out of business.

    I could go on and on with these stories. But now, many years later, we have not seen nor heard from our angel. I am becoming a teacher, so my mom brought down many of my childhood books. I was looking through them this evening only to find this written inside with MY handwriting. "Hi ***** (my name) Sleep Carefully. Im watching you and your family. I am like your guardian angel. Sleep well" It was written in cursive, my cursive actually. I do not remember writing it. In all of my other books, the writing in them is a child like writing. This is cursive writing and it looks like something I have written in the past couple years. Which is wierd because these books have been in the attic for over 10 years. I honestly cannot wrap my mind around this.

    By telling this I am pretty sure I have locked myself into sounding like a crazy person. I really am not I swear. As made up and off the wall as it sounds. I have been sitting here thinking about it and thought I would join this forum to see if anyone had any comments. Ive been going through some really tough times again of lonliness and really haven't been following or trusting the Lord like I should. In a way, I feel like this maybe is a message that I'm not alone. I don't know......does anyone have any thoughts? Nice thoughts that don't include calling me a nut?