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    My boyfriend asked me this weekend if I'd burn him a CD of Christian music that he'd enjoy (more upbeat, encouraging type songs) - PRAISE GOD! Some moments in life are so priceless! That was one of them - I contained my excitement from his request - but as I moved into the next moment I felt stressed - I must find the best songs to put on this cd - it's imperative! LOL

    Any help is appreciated. Here are some initial songs I've thought of:

    Blessed be your name

    Here I am to Worship

    Hands of the potter

    not exactly labeled Christian music but it was used in our church one week and it fits for my boyfriend
    Your life is now

    He loves the Nicole Nordeman songs I've played for him like "Gratitude".
    and Lifehouse "Everything" conjures up images of the skit which is powerful.

    Anyway... I'm still searching for some energizing Christian tunes. Can you suggest some great ones?


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    I really like Luke Wood, Misty Edwards, Phil Wickham, John Mark McMillan and some Jars of Clay. (I like their site cos it has "all my tears")

    I don't know what you like, but you can have a test of these anyway!
    I really recommend trying out Luke Wood's.
    "The beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair."


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      Thank you - I'll check those out!

      I also thought of Sanctus Real - Whatever You're Doing

      Good stuff!


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        Anyone else have suggestions?


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          Kutless and Casting Crowns have some great songs you should check out


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            toby mac

            chris rice

            rich mullins

            is "stairway to heaven" a Christian tune?
            Christianity is a leap of faith, not the abandonment of logic.


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              Matt Redman - You Never Let Go

              Chris Tomlin - Indescribable

              Audio Adrenaline - King

              Starfield - Filled With Your Glory


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                I'm a BIG fan of Third Day, and not just because they're from here. I've been listening to various types of rock my whole life, and they do great christian rock. They have a couple of CDs performing the standard praise music in their own style, and several albums of original compositions. I'd recommend anything they've done.
                Psalm 33:3 - "Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy!"


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                  Shawn McDonald
                  Jeremy Camp
                  David Crowder Band
                  Charlie Hall
                  Romans 8:11


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                    Not to be a stick in the mud, but I pray that you are paying for the songs that you burn. No accusations, but I am amazed at how many of my Christian friends give me burned discs. It's theft and against the law of our land. Please be careful everybody.

                    That said:

                    Jennifer Knapp, LeCrae, & Michael W. Smith are a few of my mainstream favorites.

                    I like to listen to classical and Jazz and listen for God's voice and pray more than anything these days, but that's probably not what your friend is looking for.

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                      With Blood Comes Cleansing
                      My Childeren My Bride
                      Impending Doom
                      xPurity Through Resistancex

                      Straight Edge