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  • Hoveround wheelchair

    Does anyone know anything about hoveround wheelchairs? My pastor's mom is looking into getting me one, but now I'm thinking that I may not want one. I don't know if I will be able to get around in my house with it. There are some tight spaces with my regular wheelchair. In fact I can't get into the hallway from my bedroom with my feet rest on my wheelchair, so I doubt I'll be able to get around my house in a hoveround. I also don't know if it will be able to be to put into the trunk of the car to take somewhere. That was we didn't get an electric wheelchair a few years ago. I also don't know if I'd want to use it at church because I may run into people more easily. I'm pretty good at not bumping into people with my regular chair except when someone suddenly stops in front of me. But it would be easier getting around outside with one of these.

    I'm thinking about telling my pastor's mom that I don't think a hoveround would be good for me and ask if she could just look into a regular wheelchair instead. I'm needing a new wheelchair now or at the very least new wheels.

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    You could find out what the measurements are on it before deciding if it would work or not and the weight..find out how easily (or not) it can be loaded into a trunk...most of those stop on a dime too by the way.

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      woah! back the futuristic train up. they have hover chairs!? that's the coolist thing i've ever heard ever. can they please make hover cars soon????


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        Originally posted by ilovemetal View Post
        woah! back the futuristic train up. they have hover chairs!? that's the coolist thing i've ever heard ever. can they please make hover cars soon????
        Sorry to dissapoint you, but Hoveround is the brand name. They are not hover chairs. (I've seen their commercials frequently)
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          well, then, i reccomend this one..


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            It would be great transportation outside the house.
            You could even go to the Grand Canyon.

            They look like fun.


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              That's awesome that they're looking into getting one for you!!!

              I second the suggestion of getting dimensions. Have someone come by and measure things for you. You may, sadly, have to get rid of a couple things in order to manuver around.
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