A Church has a thing called a "friendship Register". You fill your name, adress, phone number, etc on the register each week you attend Church. This is information gets added to the Churches computer and you are then considered a "member"/ Not an official member, but they keep it for reference nonetheless. They've existed for about 6 years, but then have decided to take everyones information and make it public to the Church community on their website. Anyone who attends the Church can go on the website and see this information. Personally I find it appauling. So much that I asked to be removed from their website, to no longer be sent mail or recieve phone calls from them. Basically I left. Not just because of that, there was also the hypocrisy, deceit, lies and so on, but that ticked me off quite a bit. They claim their privacy policy saysn something about it, but they dont make it public for anyone to read, and it says nowhere on the form that it will be published on their website. Pretty dispicable.