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  • IMPORTANT Christian Fellowship Forum rules

    Christian Fellowship Forum

    Hebrews 10:24-25 And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, (25) not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

    As the day of the Lord draws near the need for a safe, loving and encouraging place for Christians to come together becomes a greater need. The intent of this new forum is to be that safe place for all of us that love the Lord to show the world we are disciples of Christ Jesus by our love for each other.

    This forum will be moderated with the same standards that would be used if we were at a church social gathering. If the subject would be discussed openly with all the members of your church and or pastor then feel free to discuss it here. If on the other hand the subject would be offensive or controversial at a church social function then it would be best to not post it in this forum. This message board has places for the controversial subjects so please use discretion when posting your threads. This is a family friendly place where all are welcome to fellowship and encourage each other.

    The standard board wide rules apply to this forum as well as some clarification listed below. While this looks like a long list of dos and doníts it really is just common sense items. We as moderators do not want to have to be police and want to enjoy fellowshipping like everyone else. Please help us out and together we can make this the best place on the internet for Christians to come together. If something looks wrong or out of place simply report the post using the triangle symbol in the upper right hand corner of the post.

    Posting Links

    If you post a link please put in a description of what the link is. This way people can decide whether they want to click on it, and don't end up visiting a site they may prefer not to visit. "Check this out" and "I can't believe this" are not considered acceptable descriptions.

    Please do not link to sites that are not appropriate for Christians to be visiting - if you wouldn't send it to your pastor please think twice about posting it here.

    Following Links

    If you see a link be aware of what it might lead to. While we all work towards keeping unsavoury links off the board it's impossible for us to catch everything the moment it is posted.

    Also be aware that a link might appear to be something it isn't. Your browser should tell you the destination of a link if you hover your mouse over it, so use the following two links as an example of how things might not be what they seem:


    This is not the forum for debate, discussion of controversial topics, like doctrine or politics....

    Posts disappearing

    If a thread disappears it may have been moved into the Controversial forum or it may have been deleted. If you posted something and it's not there any more you should have received a notice to explain why. Please don't post it again.

    If you receive an infraction

    Sometimes people receive an infraction and promptly complain in Chat To The Moderators about it. However most messages from moderators are not infractions, merely a notice. We send a notice to let you know if we have done anything to your posts - this might be moving it to a more appropriate forum, editing it to comply with the rules, or deleting it if it is inappropriate.

    The reason we use this system instead of just a private message is for accountability. In the past there have been members who have lied about what moderators had sent them in private messages. So we use this system to send messages and infractions to members and then both the member and all the mods can see what was written.

    If you get a notice and would like to discuss it, please start a thread in Chat To The Moderators, please do not send a private message to the moderator who sent it to you.
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