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Anyone out there in the medical field?

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  • Anyone out there in the medical field?

    This is my last semester of pre and co-reqs to get into the nursing program at the college in my town. My goal is to be an RN and work specifically as an ER nurse at the hospital. Just wondering if anyone here is in the medical field? I hear the nursing program is brutal especially when I get into pharmacology and clinicals.

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    Re: Anyone out there in the medical field?

    I went through two semesters. There were some difficult things - fluids and electrolytes and being able to know the signs of which deficiencies or overages was challenging, but I was helped by a good book I found that made it easier.
    Pharma is the big thing though. Your biggest job, the thing you will be doing most, is pushing drugs, so you have to know all major side effects.
    I didn't have the problems most of the gals had with the many biology classes and the class exams for nursing.
    My problem was clinicals in my last semester.
    I excelled in the classroom but was not cut out for the whole drug focus.
    They said it wasn't the focus, but it really was.

    I have a very good stethoscope and most of the first two semesters of books for nursing. Also have a throwaway stethoscope. Not throwaway, but not like my Littman. Also have other books I bought to help me, like the one on fluids and electrolytes. If you happen to be in Maryland, or near it, come get it all. For FREE! Thousands of dollars worth!


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      Re: Anyone out there in the medical field?

      I'm done with all of the Human Anatomy and Physiology classes, as well as Microbiology and Chemistry. I had an option to take these while in the nursing program but the work load would have been too much. I don't like that I have to get my CNA before I can apply, it sets me back a semester, but it is what it is.

      There were a couple of Nursing students in my micro class who said second semester was very hard, a lot of crying involved. Lol.

      Check your messages please.