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  • Finding a church advice

    Hopefully this is the right board to ask this in, if not I apologize ahead of time.

    I haven't been to church for a while because I realized the church I was attending didn't hold up to things the Bible says. I started to actually read the Bible myself that just listen to what a pastor tells me. So I am in need of finding a new church or denomination but I have no idea where to look.

    I was hoping for some recommendations of very conservative denominations or church organizations (I'm not sure the proper term) that believe and preach the truth. There are too many churches that preach tolerance of sinful behavior and such that I want no part of that

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me to lead me in the right direction.

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    Re: Finding a church advice

    In what part of the world do you find yourself?

    Personally, my family and I attend a church that is part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Though it's not a tradition church with hymns, it's more modern type of music. And the Word is solid.
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      Re: Finding a church advice

      To begin with, even within a denomination churches can vary in regards to how conservative they are. I'd take a look at the churches in your area and then visit their websites. They should have a statement of faith and most these days will also have some of their sermons. Check them out by listening to a sermon online and when you find one that is biblically solid and has a teaching style that suits you, visit it. Have a few in mind and visit them to see where you fit.