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A question about leisure options!

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  • A question about leisure options!

    Hi everybody!
    Guys, I wonder what your hobbies are. I mean it is interesting what you prefer doing when you have free time. Just curious

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    I am an avid gamer I play almost every kind of games but my favourite one is Overwatch, fond of overwatch boosting methods. It greatly helps me to reduce my stress. I used to be a fan of racing video games but after Asphalt 9 had been launched with tons of ads I decided to switch to some other things like shooters. What about you?
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      I like designing model railroads with a computer and building them.


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        I work with kids. Mostly playing and teaching them to read is what I do when I have free time. You don't want to put kids that have been reading for two years in the same situation as kids that are learning the alphabet. They have different educational needs.