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Fast Food Restaurants That Have Gone Downhill

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    Originally posted by ChangedByHim View Post
    As the title suggests, name some FF places that have gone downhill, particularly in the area of food quality or portion size.

    For me, I'd nominate Burger King and KFC. BK used to have pretty good burgers, flame grilled right in front of you. Now they're about half the size and microwaved, as best as I can tell. As for KFC... I think they've tampered with the Colonel's recipe.

    What at do you say?
    I know for a fact that Burger still flame broilers their whopper and is not allowed to microwave unless requested by a customer... some independent locations choose to microwave because they want to ensure they are hot, but it is still against BK policy.

    As far as KFC... not long after Sanders sold it, he visited a location and was disgusted by the changes made even then... said it was the “worst fried chicken he’d ever tasted.”