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Purpose of this Forum. Please read.

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  • Purpose of this Forum. Please read.

    If you have any suggestions or comments about this board feel free to post them here. If you need to complain about something or someone you can post it here too although you need to bear the following in mind:

    1. Under no circumstances will the moderators allow messages which deride other members, the moderators or the board in general. If you feel someone has mistreated you, send them a PM and deal with it that way. If that does not work, PM a moderator and ask for access to the Resolution Room where you can privately "have it out" with whoever cause your problem.

    2. We do not allow "drama queen" or "fragile flower" goodbyes. In other words post like:

    "I am leaving because I have been so hurt by other members of this board ..."

    Messages like this have no place on a Christian board and a divisive and destructive. Again, you are welcome to ask for access to the private Resolution Room if you have a problem with a member or even a moderator but do not use crash and burn tactics here. At the very least, your thread will be removed.

    You might be wondering why we have this policy:

    Any member who decides to leave is obviously free to do so. However, no member has the right to leave a wake of negative, hurtful sentiment behind concerning other members, the moderators or the board itself. Leavening a "I'm so hurt ... the people hare are so cruel..." message without any intention of coming back to face those you accuse is not only cowardly but absolutely contradicts what Christianity stands for. (Consider this: Posting such a message and then leaving will make you guilty of exactly the thing you claim others have done to you)

    Christianity is not about accusations, it is not about vengeance, it is not about malice -- Christianity is about Grace and Forgiveness. Remember that.