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  • Just a few ideas

    One idea is to have a Pastor's only forum. I'm not a Pastor but it might help those who are to talk to each other for sermon suggestions or their struggles as a Pastor and so forth. Another idea if there already isn't one is a dating thing as I would like to read more views on Christian dating. Also I think there oughta be a jokes forum there are some good jokes out there and I personally love to make people laugh. I think there also should be a recipe's forum with all the potlucks we have at Church's I bet many of us have good recipe's to share. I would also like to request a special needs/mental illness forum. I personally struggle with pervasive developmental disorder and I have a brother with sever autism and I have a Mom who has high blood pressure and chronic MS and a step-dad who is bi-polar manic depressive and it would be nice to chat with others who have these struggles as well. I think also there should be a forum to discuss what we like to watch on tv, what movies we like, what books we like to read and other stuff like that. I think also there should be a sports forum as I know many people love sports. Another idea is a military forum in support of those serving and it might help those families who have family members or friends that serve to have a place to chat and lean on other brothers and sisters in Christ for support. A missions/missionary forum I also think is a good idea to discuss missions we have been on or are going to do and what are our experiences in that and so forth. And I would also like a science/philosophy forum not all science is bad in fact it was started up by Christians. Also a history forum not only to discuss Biblical history but things like past wars and the Titanic and other stuff in history. I noticed a forum on here for the non-believers to ask Christians their questions which I think is great but I think there also be one where we can ask other Christians just for some advice and I don't mean counseling but like how to pray for different things or whatever the case may be. I think there should also be a persecution forum we all go through on some level Jesus said we would and I think it might be helpful to us to have a place to talk about it. I think also there should be a witnessing forum to discuss different ways to witness and experiences so for in witnessing. Also for the younger crowd a life stages forum where they can talk about struggling with hormones and puberty and breaking out and all those kinda things. I think there also should be a grieving forum and not like counseling but like just sharing who their grieving for and just sharing memories and how they are moving forward things like that. I also think there should be a singles only forum and a married couples only forum. And I think there should be a forum about working in a wordly environment and how tough that is and how hard it is to even find a job stuff like that. There also maybe should be a Christian RPG forum but the only trouble with maybe having that is keeping it clean as things can go to far very quickly with that stuff. And like the mental health I think there should be a physical health forum for those who struggle with battling cancer and things like that. That's all the ideas I have for now. Please let me know your thoughts on those.
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