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  • Science forum?

    Not sure if this has ever been mentioned. I started checking the first few pages of threads, but too

    many of the titles were vague as to there content. Has anyone ever mentioned a science forum?

    One in which like minded people could discuss different areas of the sciences? Of course i know

    there would need to be certain guide lines, like no pro-evolution disscusions, and basically anything that

    flys in the face of Christianity. I only ask because ive noticed there are some people on here that seem

    to be well versed in the sciences. Just a suggestion from a newbie.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Science forum?

    Also, it could be a place for younger people to recieve homework help. Not answers but help.

    Every level from the allowed age membership thru college


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      Re: Science forum?

      Thank You for your suggestions

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