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  • Genealogy

    It may be just because I am old, but I have been doing a record of genealogy on Ancestry thought maybe it would be something my grandchildren would like to have when they got old. I wondered if it was just me or is there anyone else interested in the topic? My children in their 40”s know my maiden name but that is about the extent of it. They don't know my mom's, my grandma's maiden names or great grand parents maiden names, which I knew of my grandparents. So I started a family tree to trace back where we came from and it has been fun. Plus with some old family records. The thing about living in the USA is that everyone is from somewhere pretty much...hahaha.

    My grandma used to tell us when we were children, that we were hines 57 mix...she used to say we were German, English, Irish and Dutch. Interesting thing is I have found these things to be true on my searching. The thing is with dna they put all those areas in as being European yet will break them down more in countries. I figured I would be leaving something for my grandchildren.

    Has anyone else gotten interested in the topic or is it just me? I thought it might be a fun topic as even the woman at the well with Jesus brought up family heritage.

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    Re: Genealogy

    Oh, I LOVE it! will keep you engaged for hours at a time! I had to give it up.
    "'s your nickel"


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      Re: Genealogy

      Well at least you have one started... for me I have plenty of time now...I ran into a cousin of mine with doing it and he has a tree out there have touched base with family while doing this which I thought was pretty cool. You are right it can keep you pretty busy. Your records are always there should you decide to take it up again.. I started this almost 20 years ago and didn't do a whole lot on it but I remembered my user name and password I always used back then. So I was able to just add to what I already had entered.


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        Re: Genealogy

        Well I found it interesting about surnames and women taking the name of the husband. In China they did this with family names in the BC's, but the woman doesn't take the husbands name rather they will add the husbands name to their own. The Roman Empire started using surnames, but it died out when that empire fell.

        Still, the matter of a wife taking a husband’s surname didn’t surface in English common law until the ninth century, when lawmakers began to consider the legalities surrounding personhood, families, and marriage. Thusly (as they would say), the doctrine of coverture emerged – and women were thereafter considered “one” with their husbands and therefore required to assume the husband’s surname as their own. It was by the 15th century, most people of all ranks had some sort of fixed, hereditary surname.

        What is interesting is the clues we have to this in the Bible to me which I did go searching in scriptures. It was interesting too that searching on the net about it people don't bring up the scriptures that came to me about it. Other than custom do any of you see anything in scriptures that would point to doing this? I do just curious if others see things that would point to it in scriptures.


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          Re: Genealogy

          Ok well as if ancestry didn't keep me busy enough, I decided to do my dna with them. Has anyone else done their dna or am I the only one? At ancestry you can link your dna to you family-tree. There was another reason I wanted to have it done though. My brother had his dna done at Familytreedna and had shown 2% Jewish on his Family Finder (5 generations) test along with 7% mid eastern. We had no known Jewish in the family. I was curious as to if this would show up in me. I went with ancestry though, and it didn't show up there. Familytreedna allows you to upload your data file from other companies and they will analyze the data file for $19.00. So I uploaded my data file there and here the 2% Jewish and 3% mid eastern did show up in me also. I found out that ancestry changed how they did ethnicity about a year ago..that people who had low percentages of Jewish no longer showed them.

          I like ancestry though for the connection with the tree as they have some pretty cool tools that show how you are related with people. Seeing how you link up on both sides of the family also helps you add to your family-tree using dna. Anyway I was busy trying to track down this Jewish..with contact with relatives through dna. I think we found it based on others who had low percentages to the paternal side of the family. Anyway it has been fun playing with all this at ancestry and seeing how they have the ability to take you back to 5th great grandparents. I find the tools very interesting with genealogy.


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            I think it would be a very good thing to document your findings and pass them on to your children even if they may not "seem" interested now, they may be later on. The help I received from my mother, some information she received from my Grandmother really opened up records I would never have even known about.
            Peace to you!

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