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Die Groot Vloed in die Nuwe Testament.

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  • Die Groot Vloed in die Nuwe Testament.

    Sommige mense dink dat Noag se vloed slegs verwysing het in die Ou Testament. Hier is 'n paar tekste uit die NT wat terug verwys na die gebeurtenis wat so 'n reuse impak op die aardbol gehad het : ( Artikel ter verwysing HIER )

    Mat 24 : 37 - 39

    Luk 17 : 26-27

    Heb 11:7

    1 Pet 3:20

    2 Pet 3 : 5-6

    2 Pet 2 : 4-5

    While a lot of modern people want to separate theology from history, in the New Testament the two are inextricably tied together. The history doesn’t mean anything unless it’s interpreted correctly, and the theology has no foundation if the history isn’t accurate. Each time the New Testament authors cite a historical fact, it’s to give a precedent for how God has worked in the past. There’s nowhere where a NT author says simply, “Noah built an ark to escape a worldwide flood” with the purpose of getting the audience to believe just that. Christians writing to Christians assumed that they would believe the Scriptures. Rather, the historical points are used to support the theology that the author is teaching, such as ‘God judged the world once, so don’t think that He won’t do it again!”
    What this means is that if we reject the history that the NT authors accepted, their theological arguments have no weight whatsoever. It seems illogical to say, “Peter was wrong about a global Flood in which only the passengers of the Ark survived, but his theology is still accurate.”
    We should be encouraged that the New Testament authors placed such a great confidence in the Bible’s history, and that should inspire us to be equally as confident.