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    This statement reflects a theological view held by what is probably the majority among intellectuals. Itís called the Documentary Hypothesis, authored in 1886 by Julius Wellhausen, a German Biblical scholar. He was a professor of Theology in Germany until 1882 when he resigned for reasons of conscience. His hypothesis contends that the Torah (the first 5 books of the Bible) was not written by Moses. Rather, it was assembled around the time of the Babylonian captivity from parts of several other documents. He labeled these documents Jehovist, Elohist, Priestly, and Deuteronomist, or JEPD for short. According to his hypothesis these documents were written separately over a period of time between about 950 and 450 BC and assembled by an unknown person called R, for redactor.
    He developed his hypothesis in spite of the fact that Jesus attributed all the individual sections of the Torah that Wellhausen labeled as J,E,P and D to Moses.
    In Mark 10:5-9, Jesus quoted Genesis 2:24 (J) attributing it to Moses.
    In Mark 7:10, Jesus quoted Exodus 20:12 (E) and Deut. 5:16 (D) attributing both to Moses.
    In Matt. 8:4, Jesus referred to Lev. 14 (P), attributing it to Moses.

    matter closed?
    Dis alles net genade -Ma Grace
    "My genade is vir jou genoeg, want my krag word in swakheid volbring"

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    Hi Willem,

    Daar is werklik niks aan hierdie sogenaamde JEPD teorie nie en net akademikuste kan daarvoor val, wat ook die geval is. Dit is sekerlik een van die redes hoekom die boodskap vanaf kansels so verflou het. NÍrens in die ganse Bybel word naastenby verwys na enige van hierdie skim-skrywers van die dokumentÍre hipotese nie. Hier is nog 'n draad, in Afrikaans, wat jy kan lees oor hierdie leuen van leuens...
    The Rapture

    My dearest friends, Iím so sorryÖ so sorry
    but I must confess, donít worry
    the rapture is not before the Great Tribulation
    itís before Godís wrath!!!

    Because His wrath is not meant for you
    itís for all the people in the zoo
    think about it and refreshÖ
    you will see thereís no way out of here, in the flesh

    If you really believe, you will see
    the rapture is for you and me
    when we decide to leave from here
    that very day, oh! God adhereÖ