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Trinity for non-christians - the definition of concepts (moved from A&E subform)

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  • Trinity for non-christians - the definition of concepts (moved from A&E subform)

    Hello! I'm a novice here, please excuse me, if I do something wrong. Though I'm not a Christian (I'm Jew), I think that the most suitable forum section is this one. My subject is an attempt to help Christianity to protect your faith against illegal understanding by other confessions, which really lead to very bad results - I can see this, because I live among non-Christians.

    I want to present you an article, written by me together with an orthodox Christian Andrew Ivanchenko. Here we try to describe, what is the Trinity - but, unlike all existing descriptions and articles, to do this in a language, fully understandable for a typical non-Christian. My faith is another (Judaism), so, I understand very well, how such a person can read and understand descriptions of Christianity - in 99.99% absolutely incorrectly. We tried to create a text, that can be read and understood correcrtly and can create true understanding, in what Christians believe. I write about this problem in the preface to the article.

    My goal is not to convince someone that Trinity is true - my own faith is another. My goal is to help non-Christians to understand well, in what Christians really beleive. First of all, obviosly, I want to convince non-Christians that Christianity is not idolatry and that Christians beleive in the same God, the only Creator of the Universe, as other Abrahamic religions belive.

    Here is this text:

    Could you, please, read and comment it? Thank you in advance!

    (If this forum section is not appropriate for such discussion, I ask moderators to move it to right section.)