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Context is soooo important!

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  • Context is soooo important!

    I heard a preacher today explaining how bad it is to take scripture out of context, and to link together verses not meant to be used that way.
    He said, for instance:
    There is a verse that says: And Judas went out and hung himself.
    There is also one that says: Go ye out and do likewise!

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    Re: Context is soooo important!

    Lol I have heard many pastors use that exact Example..when i first heard a joke i thought..he was clever..o.o
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      Re: Context is soooo important!

      We are to compare spiritual things with spiritual according to the leading of the Holy Ghost (1 Corinthians 2:13).

      The example given in the OP is an old joke that someone once made about playing Bible roullette (opening your Bible and letting your finger fall on a verse assuming that God will speak to you through it)

      We need the Holy Ghost to be able to fulfill 2 Timothy 2:15 correctly.


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        Re: Context is soooo important!

        Hey listen you guys we can talk about it 24/7 but how many actually want to see it in action?