The BibleDatabase program is great, and the greatest
about it, from my perspective, is that the bibles that
come with it are easy to import into my own programs.
The text bibles are in a format that any smart eight-year
old can deduce in ten minutes, the HTML bibles go a
step further and give you names of the books and
separate files for each chapter.

My current project is to automatically make .mobi
versions of BibleDatabase bibles (for reading on
a Kindle). Calibre can do it directly from the HTML
version, but the Kindle bible it produces is
unfriendly, you can't navigate it quickly.

My language of choice is Lua, an easy-to-learn
scripting language popular with people who write
computer games.

The program has reached the stage where I can
start up Lua form a directory into which one of the
html_b_xxx.exe bibles have been extracted, at the
prompt type

bible = require "bible"
chapter = bible "Gen 1"

"chapter" will then be a table (i.e. array) containing
the verses of Genesis 1.

Next up is to do the same for the b_xxx.exe files. Then,
to read from elsewhere than the current directory,
have more then one bible available at the same time,

I'm looking for two kinds of person.

1. Kindle bible readers that can try out a Kindle bible
(once I get that far) and advise me on what the
Kindle version should be able to do.
2. Other people that combine caring for Scripture with
an interest in Lua or TeX (which nowadays can
talk Lua).