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IMPORTANT!!! Please read before posting

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  • IMPORTANT!!! Please read before posting

    When posting a question for assistance, please remember, the quality of the answer you will get is based almost entirely on the accuracy of your description of the problem. We are not mind readers.

    A question like:

    "The software won't work. Any ideas?" is unfortunately absolutely meaningless and you should not be dissapointed if you receive an answer like:

    "Sorry. No ideas"

    Here are some tips:
    1. Explain the problem as best you can. Provide error numbers, error messages, code snippets even pictures if you feel that will help.
    2. If applicable, provide version numbers of the software causing you problems.
    3. Please be gracious. Members of this forum and us are here to help you. Shouting at us won't get you help faster. Furthermore, if you read through these forums you will see the vast majority of problems are actually user issues (things you did wrong). Remeber, what you post here reamains.
    4. Never post your email address or any other personal information, passwords etc here. For your own security, a moderator will remove it if you do.
    5. Remember, we are people too and you are far more likely to get a helpful response if you are polite. Demanding, threatening or derogatory posts will most likely get you ignored or your thread deleteted.
    6. Please be patient. Although we will try to respond to your technical questions as soon as possible, we are also only human. Sometimes resolving technical issues can take time.
    If you post a question and then figure out how to solve the problem yourself, please post a detailed resolution of how you fixed it. Remember folks, this is a public community for the benefit of all. Posting "Never mind. I fixed it" does not help someone else with exactly the same problem who spent hours on the search engines to find your question, only to be greeted with a "Never mind, I fixed it" response. Please consider others.

    Please Remember when you post to choose a Notification option under Thread Subscription when making your post. Choosing email notification is recommended since the board will automatically send you an email when someone replies to your post