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Church video editing computer bit the dust.

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  • Please Help Church video editing computer bit the dust.

    I get a call this morning from the guy at our church and he says he turned on the pc smelled something burning and turned it off. Not a good sign. Then it would not turn back on.

    So I went down there to see if I could fix it, but did not have much hope for that. I got the computer to come back on but the bios screen won't post. In fact the video card won't come on to turn the monitors on. So I changed the card same problem. So I took out all the plugged in hardware and all usb devices, disconnected all drives. To eliminate everything except the motherboard. Did the same thing. When I turn it on you can hear it cycle through the hardware but because it does not startup the video card and stops and does nothing more.

    So my question is this: Every computer I have ever worked on. if the cpu goes bad the computer is dead. Won't do anything. So is it safe to assume that the problem lies in the mother board since the computer does come on just does not do anything?

    We will be ordering new motherboard tomorrow so a quick answer would be great. Would hate to order the wrong part. Plus it's a 300 dollar motherboard. But we found one new for half that price.
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    Re: Church video editing computer bit the dust.

    The odds are you need a new motherboard and possibly a psu. Just in troubleshooting were there any beeps to indicate any device. (Bios beep codes) Have you ever used a pci diagnostic test card?