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  • mysql databases

    I am on the webbuilder package but it only has 1 MySQL Database.
    is there a way to get more without upgrading to the next package?

    My head hurts!

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    Yes there is. Basically it works like so:

    You pay $3.00 / month ([$18.00 / 6 months] billed 6 monthly or yearly depending on how you choose to pay) for each additional "item" you want added to a package. An "item" is defined as follows:
    • 4 MySQL databases
    • 3 GB additional storage space
    • 15 GB additional traffic
    • SSH access (WebMaster only. Motivation required) **
    • 3 Add-on Domains

    ** SSH access can also be activated for free on the WebMaster packages for a limited time period (maximum of 1 week at a time) if you need it. However, it must be ponted out that the idea is you only ask us to do this once or twice since it takes time to set it up each time. If you regularly need SSH access, it can be setup on an as-needed basis for $5.00 / event (for a maximum of 1 week at a time with no additional monthly cost).

    Please note that the item upgrades do not apply to reseller hosting packages.

    This is independent of package size and works out pretty economical if it is only 1 item as you require. When it becomes two or three, it is more economical to upgrade to the next package.

    You may need to take out your calculator and look at the package prices online and see which combinations out cheapest for your particular needs. Sometimes, simply upgrading to the next package may actually be more cost effective.

    NOTE: Promotional Packages are not upgradable.
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      ok thanks

      what is the discount?

      My head hurts!


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        When invoices are sent out, it is detailed there and applied there (at the time payment is received).

        You don't pay less but you get more time before the next renewal. This is automatically calculated when renewing for 12 months instead of 6.
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          ok thanks for your help!

          My head hurts!