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  • bdh
    Unless you are using secure mail, the smtp of your server will always be or just Your ISP's SMTP info is usually in the welcome email you got from them.

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  • guntario
    You never told me the address of the SMTP server, so I kept getting the error that I can't connect.

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  • bdh
    What is the error message you get? (I assume you are using Outlook Express?).
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    3. Outlook Express flash Tutorials. Either this one or this one depending on which control panel you have.
    From previous experience, the most common problems by far are:

    1. When you POP mail, the user name must be in the form of and not just user

    And by the way, my account name has to be only the user name without the "" or else I can't connect
    This is so but only for the main account. The main account is the main user name you use to log into your Control Panel with. (You should not use this as a regular email address though see Main account below)

    2. Some folk don't have My Server Requires Authentication checked. It needs to be checked and set to use the same password/user name as the POP account.

    3. Some ISP's (you will need to check with yours), don't allow you to SMTP on port 25. If this is the case, change your outgoing SMTP port to 26 (we have a second SMTP server running on this port for this very reason).

    Main account

    Your main account is the user name you use to log into your Control Panel with. This is also your catch all (or catch all) email account. By default it is set to :fail: (note the ":" on either side of the word fail) on all new accounts so any mail sent to it will bounce. It is highly recommended you leave it on this setting since allowing it to deliver mail will mean that any mail sent to a non-existing mailbox on your domain will be delivered to this mailbox. In other words, will go to this mailbox. It's a spammers paradise since all they need to know is your domain and nothing else.

    Using your ISP's SMTP server - RECOMMENDED

    It is worth noting that in most cases, it is actually better not to send your outgoing mail via your mail server on your website but to use your local ISP's mail server.

    The main reason for this is speed because you are connected directly to your ISP whereas your website mail server may be in another state or even on another continent (if you live outside of the US).

    To use your ISP's SMTP gateway, setup your POP account as usual to POP the mailbox you want on your site but set the SMTP (outgoing) mailserver to use your ISP. (You would have this info in the welcome email you got when you signed up with whoever your ISP is).

    NOTE: Some ISP's will not allow you to send email via their server if the From: email is not on their domain. To get around this

    1. Setup your mail client (Outlook Express or whatever) with a From: email of (the email address they gave you when you signed up).

    2. Set the Reply to: address in your mail client to (the email where you want the reply to go).

    All email will now be sent via your local ISP but when people reply to your email, it will go to the Reply to: address you specified.

    Cannot SMTP through your SMPT server on your Website

    In the vast majority of cases this happens for one of two or both of the following reasons:

    1. Your ISP Blocks SMTP on port 25 to any SMTP server other than theirs. This is very common by the way.

    2. Your ISP blocks port 25 period. In other words, you are not allowed to SMTP through their servers or anyone else's.

    In both of the above cases, we have a workable solution: We run duplicate mail servers on port 26. In the advanced settings of your mail client, simply set your outgoing port to port 26. All other settings will remain the same. I.e.:

    Outgoing server: or (both work)
    username: NOT just address
    password: ****** (the one you assigned when you created the mailbox).
    Authentication: ON (If it is off, you will not be allowed to send email).

    However, if your mail client does not support authentication but DOES support POP before SMTP, you can ignore authentication and set this option to "on".


    Provides like AOL and many others now block Port 25 completely. You cannot send outgoing mail on this port from an AOL account unless you use the AOL SMTP servers. It is very likely all major ISP's will follow this ridiculous paranoia soon. For the AOL policy, please go here:

    If you still feel you have to use your Webnet77 site's SMTP server, we have duplicate mail servers on port 26. In most mail clients, you need to access the advanced settings to change the port value (from 25 -> 26)

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  • guntario
    started a topic SMTP through webnet

    SMTP through webnet

    Q. I can't POP my email with Outlook or Outlook Express. What is wrong?
    A. The most common reason for not being able to pop email is that your POP settings are wrong.

    The correct settings to use (if your domain is and the mailbox is joe) are:

    Incoming Mail (POP3):
    Outgoing mail (SMTP): See next question below
    Account Name: (NOTE: you do not just use "joe")
    Password: The password you used when you created this mailbox.

    Q. I can't send mail through the SMTP server. What is wrong?

    A. There are a number of reasons for this:

    • Your package does not come with SMTP. Only the Web Master and Web Pro packages come with SMTP. For the other packages you must use the SMTP server provided by your ISP.
    • You need to check the "My Server requires Authentication" button in your mailbox settings in Outlook Express or Outlook.

    As you can see, I have read through the FAQ, but it still won't work. I'm fairly certain it's because for the SMTP, you have "See next question below." But when I look at the next question, it doesn't have the SMTP setting. I would like to get this working. And I do have the Web Master Package. Thank you.

    And by the way, my account name has to be only the user name without the "" or else I can't connect...