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Mail-A-Friend Script Problem

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  • Mail-A-Friend Script Problem

    I am having problem with Mail-A-Friend script. I first tried using it on the page a few weeks ago and it worked fine. Yesterday I created a new page,, and when I went to test it, it was not working. I went back and tested the original page I had added it to, and it was not working either. The html on both pages reads, :<a target="_blank" href="<A href="">e-mail">">e-mail this page</a></center>. Any advice is appreciated. Blessings in Christ.

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    Found The Problem / Trying To Fix

    Sorry to waste your time. Problems appears to be ZoneAlarm Security Suite. I just recently installed the most recent upgrade. When I temporarily disabled, the Mail-A-Friend script runs fine. Now I just have to figure out where to adjust the settings in this. Blessings in Christ.


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      The Solution

      For anyone who runs into similar problem, ZoneAlarm Security Suite was set up to block PRIVATE HEADERS from my own site. I added my site to the ALLOW LIST and specifically enabled ALLOW for PRIVATE HEADERS. This resolved the problem.

      BLessings in Christ.


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        Hey thanks for letting us know that..I have Zone Alarm too... Did you not get there window poping up asking you if you wanted to allow this or not?
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          Guys, Zone alarm, McAffee, Norton and even M$ XP service pack 2 are full of nonsense. We probably answer at least a dozen support requests / week on this issue alone:

          "I can't connect to my site at all"
          "I can't connect to my Control Panel"
          "My email does not work"
          "My WEBMAIL does not work"

          In 99.bazillion...9% of the cases it's related to one of these applications closing ports on your local PC and blocking you from access.

          NOTE: Some ISP's also block mail ports. If you are trying to SMPT on port 25 and you are sure everything your side is setup correctly then try port 26 (we run mirror SMTP servers on port 26).

          The ports (absolute minimum) you need to have open on your PC for accessing various parts of your Control Panel and email are: 21, 25, 80, 110, 443, 2082, 2083, 2095, 2096.

          Ports 21, 25, 80 and 110 should already be open on most PC's but the others may be blocked or closed by the things mentioned above.

          NOTE: If you connect to the internet via GPRS or 3G on a cell phone, one or more of these ports may be disabled by your SERVICE provider. If that is the case, you would need to contact them and find out what they can do. If they are not prepared to allow you access to these ports, you should consider using another ISP.

          If one or more of these ports are blocked on your PC, you need to open them. Depending on which application is blocking them, you would need to do different things. You will need to read the documentation of your firewall etc to find out where you need to go in the settings to open a port or to see which ports it has closed.

          btw, that's why I never recommend any of the above firewalls/antivirus apps. A really simple (and good) one which is FREE is AVG - been using it myself since the product was launched and have never had a virus

          There is another, much less common reason you may not be able to connect: The server is denying you access. To see if that is the case, read more here

          Lastly, there is the obvious - your username and password. Please make sure that if you copy and paste the password from an email that you do NOT copy spaces before and after. If you do, the password won't work! Also, passwords and usernames are CaseSensitive.

          If you use Windows, please see this article on Microsoft on how to open ports:
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            Thats what i searched for long time