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  • Need Advice: Email Client Config....

    Just off the top of your heads, has the ATT isp been know to have issues with smtp, whether through port 25 or 26 or any ports?

    No matter what, livemail cannot seem to locate the server for my account, and I cannot send from my own domain even if I configure outgoing to my isp account with or without using ports 25 or 26,,

    Whether incoming or outgoing, ATT doesn't seem to like or recognize my address. (the ATT account works fine, otherwise).

    If someone knows of an issue with the isp, (ATT), then I'll go another route. I believe I've tried everything and have gleaned all the threads and tutorials.

    I expect to eventually use about 3 separate email addresses for my site and would like to be able to use the local email client, if possible.

    Thank a you!

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    Re: Email Client Config....

    Ok, I have several sites of my own and about 20 email addresses that I need to pop and smtp from and for all of them I want it to appear to come from the server that the mail account is on. (works out best that way for not being tagged as spam)

    so this is what I do that works with my mobile ISP as well as the two fixed line carriers I use at different locations.

    Create 1x gmail account
    set the gmail account to Pop and SMTP to the separate accounts (this tags each mail with a unique header for each account) - NOTE: Do NOT Forward the mail to the gmail account this causes all sorts of troubles.
    then pop the mail from the gmail account and setup filters in your mail client to sort it into folders according to the tags gmail has added to the mail (or by the TO address).
    also SMTP the mail to gmail and gmail will smtp the mail threw your server.

    this setup works like a charm for both spam filtering of mail and gives you an 8gig mail backup as well as a single inbox (with tags) for all your mail
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      Re: Email Client Config....

      Okay, I'm familiar with the gmail option, hava an old account, and will likely go in that direction if I can't find a better option.

      Live Mail is a great client, but this isp doesn't seem to cooperate.

      Appreciate your time & advise


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        Re: Email Client Config....

        you can still use live mail with gmail, having it is an in-between just works out so much easier IMHO.
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          Re: Email Client Config....

          Right. I can just access gmail and it's accounts through live mail, as I do anyhow.

          Not so bad.

          (You pay for an isp and have to rely on a free application to manage mail accounts, even when the isp offers to access or host other accounts)


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            Re: Email Client Config....

            Okay, this seems to work well. And I can send, using my own address through gmail, accessing it all on live mail.

            You get no satisfaction with ATT if you are not a popular or well-known host.



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              Re: Email Client Config....

              Just a few tips I've learned that help:

              1. If you use gmail (or whatever), never setup mail forwarding from your website to forward mail -> gmail or wherever. Always use POP (or IMAP) from the other side. There is a subtle reason for this that most people don't know and that is when an email is forwarded it's headers are replaced with that of the forwarding server. If you then spam delete a forwarded email, you are reporting your website and not the spammer. Very bad because eventually you won't get any email forwarded from your website any longer. Always use POP or IMAP.

              2. Many ISP's now block port 25. Some even block the alternate ports too. It's a mystery why and the only good reason i can think of is they derive some kind of sadistic pleasure in frustrating their customers - because it has ZERO effect on combating spam. If you have an ISP like this: AOL, RoadRunner, ATT and many others, use SSL instead for both POP and SMTP. There's a small writeup here that explains how to do it - The only negative with SSL is you must use the server host name (you can't use your domain name) or you get a certificate warning error. (Although, you cna import the certificate and permanently accept it and then it will work fine on your domain).
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                Re: Email Client Config....

                Will give SSL a try later this week.



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                  Re: Email Client Config....

                  Okay, FYI, in case anyone else has had this problem:

                  As of this morning, SMTP works just fine through port 26 (as originally recommended). I now have my email account on Live Mail send and receive. In fact it now works on ATT email and GMAIL -both, besides Live Mail client.

                  I did nothing differently, except running the ATT diagnose & resolve tool, which listed nothing.

                  Problem resolved, somehow.

                  Thanks much!

                  EDIT: Wouldn't be surprised if the problem was in the DSL modem. A reset usually solves the issues.
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                    Re: Email Client Config....

                    Further info: ATT now requires a static IP to unblock port 25 for something like 5 accounts. And it's at a fee that is inordinate except for commercial sites. (port 26 still works, however, and with SSL, port 465)

                    This stuff is fun