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Sites won't load.

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  • Please Help Sites won't load.

    I first tried my site:

    Then my church site:‎

    Neither one will load. Are the servers down?
    Note: By request I can only post and see the tech section of this forum. So don't respond to my posts in the other sections because I cannot see them so I cannot respond. You can PM me if you need to.
    My site:

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    Re: Sites won't load.

    Same problem for me.


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      Re: Sites won't load.

      If they are through Webnet77, yes... Ruth was down last night into today. BDH has them up but the servers dealing with email for the past 12 hours of catching up which is priority. Then balance will be given to the website's bandwidth.

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        Re: Sites won't load.

        The LORD is my Miracle

        G_d was gracious He has shown favor

        Hope is a seed
        God plants in our hearts
        to remind us
        there are better things ahead.
        -Holley Gerth