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    Fear of losing salvation...

    Thread Starter: Slug1

    For those who believe that once saved, always saved... have you ever feared for the salvation of others who you know, have believed unto Christ? If not... why does Paul? Or let me ask it this way, if it is believed that Paul is not touching ...

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    Thread Starter: az331

    I've read Daniel maybe 14 times ...I think I am on my 13-14th time on the full Bible. I have always been intrigued by the prophesies but for some strange reason Daniel didnt really jog my deep interest like some other Revelation stuff. I just...

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    Human Suffering . . .

    Thread Starter: JAG__

    . . . for the Christian in light of Eternity. Let us assume a worst case scenario. John Christian lived 100 years suffering severely every year he lived. He even hurt as a new born, and was still hurting when he entered Kindergarten. He hurt...

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    MILLENIUM: Future, not present

    Thread Starter: DurbanDude

    When Rev 20 mentions a period of martyrdom by the beast, some like to place this event into history, but the 5th seal of Rev 6:9-11 is clear the martyrdom is completed in end-times context. We can also be confident that the period of persecution is...

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    Who are the three, rather 4 Persian kings of Daniel 11,12?

    Thread Starter: Pesachpup

    Who are these Persian kings that are to arise? Cyrus was the 1st king of the Persian, Achaemenid Empire. This prophecy was given to Darius to strengthen him (encouragement). There were 3 kings named Darius during the Achaemenid Empire. The...

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    The gym my mother and I had been members of recently closed, and we joined another gym. The Karate class also moved to the other gym. In a related note, I'm making progress learning Japanese,...

    Oct 13th 2019 06:25 AM
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