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Thread: Numbers 10:29 - 32

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    Numbers 10:29 - 32

    In Numbers 10:29 - 32, Moses practically begs his father-in-law to come on the journey to the promised land with the Israelites because Hobab knows the route and all the best places to set up camp.

    Why would he do this if he already knows God is the one who decides the route, where they will encamp and when they will encamp and break camp? (Numbers 10:33, 34, and others before and after...)

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    You forgotten that, Moses's father in law has more experience in desert area??? Very well, even if Moses's father in law knew where GOD is going to ask them to break for camp it's to enable them to have a better guide who know where to go. Moses's father in law has been living in desert area longer than Moses.
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    Adam Clark's Commentary says:
    Thou mayest be to us instead of eyes -
    But what need had they of Hobab, when they had the pillar and fire continually to point out their way? Answer: The cloud directed their general journeys, but not their particular excursions. Parties took several journeys while the grand army lay still. (See Numbers 13, 20, 31, 32, etc). They therefore needed such a person as Hobab, who was well acquainted with the desert, to direct these particular excursions; to point them out watering places, and places where they might meet with fuel,

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