So many people have asked in the past: "How do I get real Audio/Video files to stream instead of wanting to download?"

Here's how you do it:

Creating a Real Media Streaming file
  • Create a folder called realaudio/ in your public_html/ directory. So, if your domain name is , then your real folder will be
  • This is where you will put your .rm (the actual real audio/video file) and .ram (a text file that simply points to the .rm file, this is also the file that you link to in your website) files
  • This is an example: You must have a .rm file. This is your actual audio file. Call it firstaudio.rm for now. Now, upload it in BINARY to your folder called realaudio/.
  • Next, create a text file, and call it firstaudio.ram. Now, place the following line of text in the text (Remember, the actual path must be your domain name in place of
  • Now, upload this file in ASCII to your folder called realaudio. Go to your web page, where you are going to create a link to the test file, and CREATE A HYPERLINK to: (the TEXT file)
  • (Again remember, the ACTUAL path must be your domain name in place of Now save the page, and view it via the net. CLICK on the link, and it should play the file.