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Thread: Colbert takes on Bart Ehrman (video link to "debate")

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    Colbert takes on Bart Ehrman (video link to "debate")


    "It was a Biblical debate of Biblical proportions. On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen went head-to-head with author Bart Ehrman in a heated Good Friday Eve interview. So, is The Bible a lie? I don't know, but if a lie produces Cadbury Eggs, I don't ever want to know the truth."

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    Ehrman's arguments are so easily refuted. Logic, simple reasoning, and even a layperson's understanding of history will refute Ehrman. Even Colbert, acting like an idiot, points out problems in Ehrman's arguments. However, for 19th century scholarship he's cutting edge! But that's about the only place such scholarship is seen as valid - people with 19th century minds.

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