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    My Connection

    Almost a year ago I had an experience. It was a profound experience. It happened during a simple conversation. During this experience, suddenly, I was connected with God. I would like to say I had a conversation with God, but it was more like entering a place, being given information and leaving with the information. I'd say I'm a pretty normal, logical guy, wasnt on drugs. It actually happened in the middle of a conversation. It happened to the person I was talking with at the exact same moment as well, which is probably what is most peculiar. We both kind of freaked out a little bit (probably only lasted a couple seconds, felt like a place though without time). Since then I've been able to pray deeply and understand answers to questions, ask more and essentially have a conversation. I try to write them down as I am having them.

    I know it probably sounds crazy. I'd imagine if I read this, I probably wouldnt believe me. Nevertheless, I will post them in this thread. If you have a pressing question, I would love to try to help answer it.

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    Should people do drugs to prepare themselves for the shock of death? People won't be used to what will happen to them.

    They dont need them.

    What do they need?

    It's all been written.

    Why dont they want to believe that?

    It's starting to become old.

    2nd coming?

    Things are new and changing quickly. It will be necessary.

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    I'm having trouble figuring out the point of this thread, and how it related to End Times chat? What are your wanting to talk about?

    Having a conversation with the Lord isn't really anything out of the ordinary for Christians nor specificially tied to end-times discussions, so I'm just not sure what you're trying to say here.

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    people have conversations with the lord often? i am reborn to the faith and found this extraordinary. I would like to speak with someone else who has

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    Quote Originally Posted by MWAY View Post
    people have conversations with the lord often? i am reborn to the faith and found this extraordinary. I would like to speak with someone else who has
    Scripture is filled with examples of faithful people talking with the Lord.

    You'll find that this is a common practice of most Christians, because fellowship and relationship with our Lord is very important to us.

    How long have you been a born-again Christian? Pretty new? Within the last year you mentioned?

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    Hi Mway
    When the Lord speaks to us it is for our own understanding and not something to shout out to the world. It is not a prophecy, a "Thus sayeth the Lord" If it is the Lord speaking with you He will never go against what is already written in His word. Have you studied enough to know His word and recognize what is right and what is wrong according to what He has already said? He will always encourage you to read His word, for in that is found all truth.

    God bless
    In Him

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