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Thread: My Soul Cries

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    Banghead My Soul Cries

    My Soul Cries
    My soul cries
    For I know not why
    Tears fall that space within
    And sorrow grows times ten

    My mind in torment
    Confused and alone
    What is it?
    I donít know

    Silently I cry
    Mindful I scream
    I am not worthy
    Why love me?

    Can one hate me?
    More than I?
    Punisher I am
    of all my crimes

    Oh, God, why me?
    Who am I?

    Sadness still lingers
    Depressions arise
    But I am more
    In Your eyes.

    You lift my head
    And look at me
    You smile with perfection
    A new reflection

    I hide
    I run away
    How can you turn
    This night into day?

    I know, God
    You can do all things
    I do not doubt
    The wonders you bring.

    I donít mean to reject Your love
    No, I am rejecting me
    How can I be loved,
    With the evil inside of me?

    I haunt me
    Like a poison ghost
    Stinging me with venom
    Like a tick on a host.

    This misery within
    The killer inside
    Hides from the light
    Your Grace.

    Tears flow forth
    Inside me soul
    My mind struggles
    With the sins I hold

    Though You forgive me
    How can I forgive myself?
    When I hate me
    Like the devil himself?

    God Is Good

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    My heart has been deeply touched by your poem. I've walked the road of depression before, and I'll never forget how that felt. God bless you

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    Thanks for your poem. I will remember you in prayer for your struggles.

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    thanks I appreciate it.
    God Is Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by PictCry View Post
    My Soul Cries

    Though You forgive me
    How can I forgive myself?
    When I hate me
    Like the devil himself?

    PictCry - we are commanded to love others as we love ourselves. How can we love others if we hate ourselves, and how can we not forgive ourselves if God already forgave us?

    To love oneself doesn't mean selfish selflove, but an inner knowledge that we have been made in God's image, and to know that God doesn't make 'junk', (to use that well-worn phrase). To appreciate and respect oneself as a child of the living God, and to see oneself as God sees us: made perfect and covered by the cleansing Blood of Jesus Christ.

    We have been forgiven and made worthy, and the devil doesn't want us to realise that. If we believe we're unworthy and if we hate ourselves, how can we shine God's light to a dying world out there?

    God loves you, He forgave you, and He wants you to know that. You're perfect just as you are because of what Jesus has done. He keeps no record of your confessed sins, so why should you? You are the redeemed daughter of the King of all Creation, praise God!

    God has also given you the ability to write beautiful poetry. Thank you for sharing this heart-felt poem with us

    God bless.
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    Jeremiah 29:11
    "For I know the plans that I have for you,í declares the Lord, Ďplans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." (NASB)

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