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Thread: man with heart problems

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    man with heart problems

    Please pray for Kenneth. His mother requested I ask prayer here for him. Some of you had prayed for her, Ruth Anne, a few weeks ago for kidney trouble. She has been feeling much better and is awaiting her next doctor appointment to have her kidneys re-evaluated. (They had told her she was losing both kidneys and there was nothing they could do). Her son Kenneth, has had some sort of major heart problems and is now disabled, unable to work a job or even drive a car. Apparently this has been the case for him for a few years. He is only in his forties.

    Thanks, and may God bless you.

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    Hug Please heal this man Kenneth and be near to his mother as You continue to heal her as

    Thank You Lord that You give us this privilege of coming before Your Throne. Please heal this man Kenneth and be near to his mother as You continue to heal her as well. Grant them Your peace, and Your joy for we know that Your Joy is our strength.

    Thank You Lord, We do not know these children of Yours, but You do! You know them, and You Love them. Bless these Your people,

    IN Your son's Name I ask,


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    Father, praise Your Holy Name! Thank You for all Your care and blessings toward us and all people. Bless You, Father! We magnify Your Name forever! Honor and majesty are Yours! Holy art Thou, Father! Bringing before You, in Jesus' Name, Kenneth and Ruth Anne. Father, You are our God, mighty in all the Universe, Creator of everything; grant to these the healing that they need in their bodies. Thank You for hearing us and answering our prayers to You, Father. We adore You, forever.

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    I will keep him in prayer for healing, and for the blessing of those who will minister to him, as well as blessings on his family and loved ones....
    God happens!
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    Praying for Kenneth and thanking God his mother is better.
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    Father God, I lift up Kenneth and his mom to You. You alone, are the ONE that can heal, fix, touch, love, have mercy on and allow them to glorify YOUR MIGHTY NAME! Show them YOUR favor as they deal with their health issues, Father God, I pray to You in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen

    God bless
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