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    Please pray for Akís husband, suffering from illness. Pray for deliverance from attacks, generation curses. Agree with me that the Holy Spirit will break down these demonic & evil forces causing sickness. ďNo weapon that is formed against him shall prosper, because God the Healer of Healers has already broken the bondage of sickness & disease. Thank you

    Please pray for Aiolís family courtcase Monday 6th Sept. re: rightful heirs Pray for uncommon favour for him, uncommon wisdom knowledge & understanding. May the Holy Spirit direct & guide him as he leads their family. May he be covered by the blood of Jesus in all areas, his mind, subconscious, emotions, feelings his health & family relationships, in Jesus name

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    Re: deliverance

    Praying this morning for Ak's husband, asking for deliverance from health issues and spiritual attacks.

    Praying also for Aiol's pending court-case, and for his family, asking for victory in Christ's name and for His glory.

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    Re: deliverance

    Praying that the Lord will be seen to be active in this situation . . . .

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    Re: deliverance

    Praying for healing for Ak's husband and praying for Aiol's family courtcase....

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